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From Uthaiyashankar <>
Subject Re: mod_axis and apache problem: starting apache loads 4 instances of web service
Date Fri, 22 May 2009 05:05:59 GMT
On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 10:51 AM, Abdul Sami <> wrote:
> With ServerLimit 1, only one service instance is being loaded at startup.
> This leads me to confirm the behavior of both axis2_http_server and
> mod_axis. Do they serve each request from independently loaded Soap service
> library, or they can share a loaded library among multiple requests?

Each instance will load their own service library and serve from them,
but they will load only once. What do you want to achieve? If you want
to share some data between consecutive requests, then you can enable
shared global pool [1] .



> Sam Carleton wrote:
> Abdul Sami wrote:
> Okay i have set 'ServerLimit 1', this solves it.
> The idea is that as requests come in the master instance of Apache will
> spawn more instances as the demand goes up.  You are going to experience
> some series performance issues if you do that in production.  If I am not
> mistaken, even with ServerLimit 1, there will be two:  one for the master,
> and the one that does the work...
> There is a -X option to start apache for development/debugging things, it
> will NOT spawn ANY more processes.  I am assuming that is what you are
> really after.
> Sam

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