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From Wiesner <>
Subject Error messages from Rampart though everything works fine
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 09:13:03 GMT

we are using Axis2/C 1.5.0 with Rampart 1.2.0 for a service client, and 
Axis2/Java 1.4.1 with Rampart 1.4 as server.

We are using Rampart to authenticate the client messages with a 
UsernameToken. The answers of the server on the other hand are without 
any Rampart modifications.

The exchange between client and server works so far, but still in the 
log file we get these error messages on every request:

[Thu Apr 02 10:10:08 2009] [error] ..\..\src\util\rampart_engine.c(122) 
[rampart][rampart_engine] Cannot get saved rampart_context
[Thu Apr 02 10:10:08 2009] [error] 
[rampart][rampart_in_handler] rampart_context creation failed.
[Thu Apr 02 10:10:08 2009] [error] ..\..\src\core\engine\phase.c(216) 
Handler RampartInHandler invoke failed within phase PreDispatch
[Thu Apr 02 10:10:08 2009] [error] ..\..\src\core\engine\engine.c(696) 
Invoking phase PreDispatch failed

In our case means roughly one request every three seconds, which makes 
logfiles hard to read and output of "real" errors harder to find.
We tried several things like changing Inflow/Outflow settings, using 
precompiled binaries opposite to compile the libraries on our own, but 
these "error" messages persist. What could we do wrong? What happens in 
the background, that leads to these error messages?

Best Regards,

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