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From Gordon Brown <>
Subject Programmatically engage rampart/c
Date Sat, 11 Apr 2009 07:05:39 GMT
Hi, All,

I am starting to use axis2/c and rampart/c to build a secured web service client. So far I
have some success in setting up the basic framework to communicate with a web server. I have
a quick question here:

(1) While I can programmatically engage rampart/c (without adding module rampart/c in axis2.xml)
using the following api: axis2_svc_client_engage_module(svc_client, env, "rampart"); I noted
that I still need to go to axis2.xml to add       <phase name="Security"/> in
the phaseOrder inflow/outflow, is there a way that this can also be done programmatically?
I am asking this because I am not sure if I added the security phase, will it affect web
service client that does not need the security enabled. In another work, will the same axis2.xml
work for BOTH ws-security enabled and NO security required web service client?

(2) If I engage rampart/c programmatically, and all I need is to set password/username for
ws-security purpose, which I can also do it programmatically, do I still need a policy file
in the $CLIENT_HOME fold?


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