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From PP <>
Subject Re: unable to start axis2_http_server on AIX 6.1
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 13:29:01 GMT
Hi Josef,

Thank you for your reply.

Right now i am not using Axis2c on mainframes.

We also want to run it on Linux and AIX machines. I was able to build source
and client/server on Linux without a single error.

Now we are building on AIX and here we are facing these problems.
There were lot of compilation issues. I was able to solve them by following
the instructions from a Jira issue.

Then i got the shared libs as .a files on AIX. Now when i start the server i
get this error message. The server tries to load the library and the lib is
available in the location but the problem is in the lib format according to
the error message.

The error is:
[Mon Mar  2 13:26:20 2009] [error] class_loader.c(162) Loading shared
library ..//lib/libaxis2_http_sender.a  Failed. DLERROR IS        0509-022
Cannot load module ../lib/libaxis2_http_sender.a.
        0509-103   The module has an invalid magic number.

Thank you,
Pradeep Patel

On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 4:23 PM, Stadelmann Josef
<> wrote:

>  Hi Patel
> my name is Josef; I hope I can help you even I ask maybe very stupid
> questions - but for all of them you have to find an asnwer yourself.
> my reference - I ported axis2/C a while ago to our HP OpenVMS platform
> running on Alpha machines.
> The OpenVMS OS does not know the concept of a DLL but something similar,
> that of shrable code images.
> How did I start: I toke the windows kit and found there are some platform
> specific things for windows which are different then that found in the linux
> src kit. So all this migth be again be different fotr OpenVMS; and it was
> different.
> So I had to re-implement a few things in order to have on OpenVMS deal with
> a .DLL-like concept - the sharable images.
> So my first question to you is;
>     what is the equivalent / similar concept of a DLL in your main frame
> environment?
>     how would you load a main-frame-assembly containing code and data as
> used in a DLL?
> I ask this because I am far away from beeing a main frame expert. And sometimes,
> you can not only port Ansi-C code, but need to undestand and then port
> ideras or at least the higher concepts behind.
> Given a service in Axis2/C is packaged/assembled into a DLL for windows.
> This DLL is then loaded up-on request for a particular service or module by
> the axis2 engine.
> The axis2 engine will have to find the proper DLL / (your assembly) first
> by calling a seek algorythm (function); and it expects a full windows path /
> mainframe path returning as a result.
> The axis2/C engine would then try to access this DLL (your assembly) via
> this full path and undertake steps to bring its functions and data into
> memory.
> And it must be able to call a function in this brougth to memory assembyl,
> so it needs to know how to resolve the entry point to the function it wants
> to call.
> How will this be done / implemented in your main frame?
> And I am 100% confident, without a good portion of main-frame
> axis2-c-engine debugging and tracing you want be able to do it. I had to
> single step through the axis2-engine code until I found why certain things
> go wrong. And then implement / make it a plat-form-specific fix.
> Josef
> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
> *Von:* PP []
> *Gesendet:* Freitag, 27. Februar 2009 15:22
> *An:*
> *Betreff:* unable to start axis2_http_server on AIX 6.1
> Hi,
> I followed these instructions to build axis2c on AIX. After little effort i
> was able to build the lib/server.
> but when i start the server it just stops and when i see the error log.
> The error message is "cannot load /lib/axis2_http_sender.a ...invalid magic
> number....
> can someone please help what could be the error?
> My env is:
> AIX-rpm-
> axis2c-src-1.5.0
> gcc-cpp-4.2.3-1
> gcc-4.2.3-1
> libgcc-4.2.3-1
> --
> Thanks & Regards
> Pradeep Patel

Thanks & Regards
Pradeep Patel

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