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From Sam Carleton <>
Subject Re: Axis2 for .Net???
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 13:22:10 GMT
On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 3:17 AM, Stadelmann Josef
<> wrote:
> Hi Sam
> may I add my 2 cents.
> I have ported apache axis2/c (all including libxml2 up on which axutil is based) to my
OpenVMS. I run apache tomcat on Open VMS and on top of it I run axis2/Java. I pass axiom's
serialized through the JVM and call a C wrapper. By means of libxml/C, axutil/C and axiom/C,
I deserialize and serialize to/from axisom's. So my soap xml data arrives after all my legacy
server in C, C++ and OpenVMS Pascal.
> As such there is an apache axis2/c kit also for windows, which I have built on VS2005
and it will build on VS2008 as well.
> Compiling C can be done with t he switch  /clr (basically, to generated managed code
> for the CLR engine) as it is all C code this might work.

I had not thought of this route before, I like it.

> Moving this platform (windows specific bits to VS2005 / VS2008) is easy.

Yep, I got the trunk up and running with VS2008 Sunday, works great!

> So my question to you: To what do you refer when you say:
> Microsoft's .Net Web Service stack only runs on
> Windows with IIS, not on none Windows with Apache and Mono.
> IIS is not a requirement to run WCF, at least I am absolut unaware that I have to manage
> an IIS web server just to run my WCF based web services on my lab top.

I refer to my ignorance.   It had not dawned on me that pure .Net
WebServices would not require IIS.  If I had run into WCF, it had
never registered as something special that I should investigate.  Of
course this has changed now, thank you!


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