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From Kuba Tomiczek>
Subject Re: Programatically enabling MTOM (AXIS2c Server side)
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 17:19:52 GMT

When I enable MTOM for serving just one request in the services.xml the 
server does not see this (All the requests are served like there is no 
MTOM at all...)
Do I something wrong?
The fragment of my services.xml with MTOM enabled is:

<operation name="ClassificationUpdate">
<operation name="GetTermInfoIndex">
<parameter name="enableMTOM">true</parameter>
<operation name="GetIndexVersion">

By saying MTOM does not work I mean the situation when file is in whole 
packed into xml.

Btw. I have axis2c in version 1.4

Thanks a lot,

Manjula Peiris wrote:
> In the server side you can do following,
> 1.Call axis2_msg_ctx_set_doing_mtom (msg_ctx, env, AXIS2_TRUE); from the
> service code
> 2. Adding the enableMTOM parameter in the services.xml
> 2. Adding enableMTOM parameter in the axis2.xml - this will enable MTOM
> globally.
> -Manjula.
> On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 12:37 +0100, Kuba Tomiczek wrote:
>> Hello
>> What is the best way (if possible) of setting programatically 
>> "enableMTOM" on axis2c Server Side, is it possible to modify options on 
>> the server side?
>> I found it could be done by:
>> axis2_options_set_enable_mtom(options, env, AXIS2_TRUE);
>> but when shall I set these options, so that they qould be available for 
>> server?
>> Should I create new "options" structure or rather get it from somewhere 
>> in the server code?
>> I have an axis2c server (1.4)  which has to handle
>> a) requests from clients not supporting MTOM (Python ZSI)
>> b) different MTOM requests from c client
>> So I cannot set enabling MTOM in axis2.xml ...
>> Thanks a lot
>> Kuba

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