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From Eugen Hermann <>
Subject (Axis2C)Delete of node_sub_trees doesnt work in case of extra namespace declaration!
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 15:41:44 GMT
Hello everybody!

I have the following problem.

ns1 = axiom_namespace_create(...);
ns2 = axiom_namespace_create(...);
ns3 = axiom_namespace_create(...);

axiom_node_t* elem_node = NULL;
axiom_element_t* elem_ele = axiom_element_create(env, NULL, "asdf",
NULL, &elem_node);

// ------------ marked lines--------- start
axiom_element_set_namespace(elem_ele, env, ns1,elem_Node);
axiom_element_declare_namespace(elem_ele, env, elem_node, ns2);
axiom_element_declare_namespace(elem_ele, env, elem_node, ns3);
//------------- marked lines -------- end

axiom_node_free_tree(elem_node, env);

// the bottom lines
// lead to an error if the marked lines are activated
// if I remove this lines then the whole allocated memory
// will not be freed

Has anybody an idea how to help me?

Thank you for attention

Best regards

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