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From Nadir Amra <>
Subject Re: Axis C/C++ client : basic questions
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 21:30:46 GMT
Axis CPP is the more mature than axis2c....

The client end of Axis CPP is very robust and is used in production.  I 
really do not use the server-side of things although they share 90% of the 
same code so I assume it is stable. 

Axis2C is the successor to Axis CPP and supports much more of the WS-* 

If you want to use Axis CPP, you should down the code directly from SVN 
and build it yourself using ant or VC.  The current binaries that are out 
there are very very old and full of defects.  Hopefully updated binaries 
will be downloadable in the near future. 

Nadir Amra

S Balaji <> wrote on 02/23/2009 12:16:08 PM:

> [image removed] 
> Axis C/C++ client : basic questions
> S Balaji 
> to:
> Apache AXIS C User List
> 02/23/2009 12:23 PM
> Please respond to "Apache AXIS C User List"
> Hi All,
> I work for a commercial software company. Our product is a business 
> software that is developed in C++ and runs on various platforms : 
> Solaris, Linux, WIndows-32-bit, AIX, HP-UX-Itanium. The C++ compiler
> we use is vendor supplied, not g++. For example in Windows, we use 
> VC++, on AIX, we use xlC. Our customer has exposed some web services
> (WSDL) that we need to make calls to. So I basically need a portable
> C++ Soap client solution for all these platforms. 
> I am open to C as well as C++ solutions for the web services calls. 
> I guess Axis2 is more mature than Axis ? The WSDL the customer has 
> given is non-trivial with complex types and arrays of complex types.
> Given that I need a solution that works on many platforms as 
> mentioned above, and also I want latest jira-fixes that have been 
> made, which one would you recommend ? Axis cpp or Axis2/C ?
> I tried playing with axis-c-1.6b-Win32-trace-bin binaries on windows
> and got hello world/calculator examples to work, but had some 
> problems with using my customer's WSDLs. I posted the problems on 
> this forum earlier. It was suggested to me to pick up latest source 
> and build it. Here are the links for C++ I found, but they appear old : 
> -  Can someone please 
> point me to the latest ? Thanks a lot.
> For Axis2/C : I guess this link is the correct one to pick up from ? 
> Am I right in saying that Axis CPP or Axis2/C has not been ported to
> HP-UX yet ? 
> I would really appreciate your replies. 
> Thanks a lot. 
> - B

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