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From S Balaji <>
Subject Axis C/C++ client : basic questions
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2009 18:16:08 GMT

Hi All,

I work for a commercial software company. Our product is a business software that is developed
in C++ and runs on various platforms : Solaris, Linux, WIndows-32-bit, AIX, HP-UX-Itanium.
The C++ compiler we use is vendor supplied, not g++. For example in Windows, we use VC++,
on AIX, we use xlC. Our customer has exposed some web services (WSDL) that we need to make
calls to. So I basically need a portable C++ Soap client solution for all these platforms.

I am open to C as well as C++ solutions for the web services calls. I guess Axis2 is more
mature than Axis ? The WSDL the customer has given is non-trivial with complex types and arrays
of complex types. Given that I need a solution that works on many platforms as mentioned above,
and also I want latest jira-fixes that have been made, which one would you recommend ? Axis
cpp or Axis2/C ?

I tried playing with axis-c-1.6b-Win32-trace-bin binaries on windows and got hello world/calculator
examples to work, but had some problems with using my customer's WSDLs. I posted the problems
on this forum earlier. It was suggested to me to pick up latest source and build it. Here
are the links for C++ I found, but they appear old :
-  Can someone please point me to the latest ? Thanks a lot.

For Axis2/C : I guess this link is the correct one to pick up from ?

Am I right in saying that Axis CPP or Axis2/C has not been ported to HP-UX yet ? 

I would really appreciate your replies. 

Thanks a lot. 

- B


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