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From Kuba Tomiczek>
Subject Axis2c MTOM large file downloading problem
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 12:35:36 GMT
Hello all,
I have the following problem:
In my application the server side sends to the client a file, using 
Axis2c, SOAP11 and MTOM (So it is downloading a file instead of 
uploading what occured in all the examples I found). If the file is 
quite small (up to something about 45 MB), everything works OK, but if 
it's bigger, I get an error - the method 
axis2_svc_client_send_receive_with_op_qname returns null, and in the 
log, I can find an entry like:
[error] ..\..\axiom\src\attachments\mime_parser.c(240) Some data in the 
message was not recieved
I have  enabled chunking in my axis2.xml on the server side:
 <parameter name="Transfer-Encoding">chunked</parameter>
as well as other necessary things required by MTOM:

 <parameter name="enableMTOM" locked="false">true</parameter>
 <parameter name="MTOMChunkBufferSize" locked="false">10</parameter>
 <parameter name="MTOMMaxChunkBuffers" locked="false">1000</parameter>

Do you maybe know what can be sources of such problem?
Thank you in advance,

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