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From virtan <>
Subject autogenerated class misinterprets type of its member
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2009 22:45:40 GMT

Found 2 bugs with compiling autogenerated classes.

1. Function selection error

During compile of autogenerated file I've got the following error:
autogenerated_file.cpp:220: error: 'class  
axiscpp::IWrapperSoapDeSerializer' has no member named 'null'
autogenerated_file.cpp:223: error: 'null' was not declared in this scope

$ head -n 220 autogenerated_file.cpp | tail -n 1
         if ((ZIP = pIWSDZ->null( "ZIP",0)) != NULL)
where pIWSDZ is a pointer to instance of IWrapperSoapDeSerializer,  
passed as arg in autogenerated function.

It is right: there are no "null" method in IWrapperSoapDeSerializer:

$ grep -c null ../include/axis/IWrapperSoapDeSerializer.hpp

2. Misinterpreting of field type (looks like it is a reason of 1.)

The same autogenerated file, also ZIP.
original is an instance of autogenerated class.

         if (original.ZIP != NULL)
                 ZIP = new autogenerated_class(*(original.ZIP));
                 ZIP = NULL;
same_autogenerated_file.cpp:309: warning: NULL used in arithmetic
same_autogenerated_file.cpp:311: error: invalid type argument of  
'unary *'

It looks correct, because class of ZIP is defined as "xsd__int".

virtan / /

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