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From "donald yang" <>
Subject memory leak in axis2c 1.5
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2008 17:12:02 GMT

We found that there is about 2k memory leak in axis2c web service client
after each web service call . We traced down and found that the following
statement to free memory has been commented out in *
guththila_xml_reader_wrapper_xml_free* function of *

         * if (data)  AXIS2_FREE(env->allocator, data);*

When we uncomment out this statement, memory leak is decreased from  2k to
76 bytes. Due to time constraint, we didn't further trace down where is the
cause for the rest of memory leak. (see report [1]).

If you have special reason to do that, could you please let us know how to
fix the memory leak. If not, could you please patch this into axis2c source

best wishes

[1] 76 bytes memory leak report

FNH: files[i] deallocated ..\..\util\src\dir_handler.c: 316
FNH: files[i] deallocated ..\..\util\src\dir_handler.c: 316
FNH: files deallocated ..\..\util\src\dir_handler.c: 318
FNH: str_header deallocated
..\..\src\core\transport\http\sender\http_client.c: 282
FNH: output_stream deallocated
..\..\src\core\transport\http\sender\http_sender.c: 1339

Final Report
MLK: 00C81048 16 bytes allocated ..\..\util\src\error.c: 561
MLK: 00C81180 16 bytes allocated ..\..\util\src\string.c: 54
MLK: 00C811C8 24 bytes allocated ..\..\util\src\string.c: 81
MLK: 00CBDA58 20 bytes allocated ..\..\util\src\http_chunked_stream.c: 48
Total allocations    : 4119
Max memory allocation: 1149486 (1122K)
Total leak           : 76

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