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From "Nandika Jayawardana" <>
Subject Re: building Axis2/C on windows
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 17:49:29 GMT
You can find documentation on Axis2/C here.

In addition to that there are number of articles published here as well.

Ok back to your problem.

I assume your problem comes with building this distribution

We usually used vc2005. However, you can actually build the code with vc6 as
well. You might want to make a minor modifications to the makefiles for
that.You do not need to specify a build target to the build.bat if you have
downloaded WSF/CPP distribution.Edit the file located in the
outermost directory and just run the build.bat. dist_as_lib is used only for
building library dlls. It will not build the services or clients and will
not be of use to you. If you are directly using the makefile located in
build\win32 directory , Always use dist target as it builds the usable
binary distribution with all headers copied to proper locations.

Hope this helps.  Since you are interested in cpp, you can get more help by
posting to


On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 11:01 PM, Yanroy <> wrote:

> I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but I'm pretty sure I did it.  I
> downloaded binary distributions of libxml2, openssl, zlib, etc and set the
> paths in to point to them.  Running build.bat gives me two
> different errors, depending on which target I have set up inside it.  If I
> attempt to build "dist", it gives me an error about not having an include
> file for httpd (which is expected, since I don't want the apache module).
> If I build "dist_as_lib", I get an error about missing libeay32MT.lib.  The
> openssl package I have contains libeay32.lib and libeay32_a.lib, not that
> file specified.  To get this far, I had to modify one of the build scripts
> to not build most of the modules because they all fail in varying ways
> (particularly sandesha).  I think it's hopeless for me to try to build from
> source.
> This morning I found this blog ( which is the
> first useful documentation of Axis2/C that I've come across.  Why is there
> so little documentation for it?  There's plenty for Java, but all the
> interesting parts of the Java documentation don't apply to the C
> implementation because they depend on reflection.  This blog mentions that
> only VS2005 is supported (I'm using 6.0, unfortunately), so I gave up on
> building from source and I'm now back to trying to figure out why I can't
> use the binary distribution.  The blog post gave me a small clue about how
> the C version works when it mentioned that services are loaded from DLLs
> based on the services.xml file.  This makes sense, but it's not what I
> want.
> It probably explains this error I get from the example server included in
> the binary distribution (which I was trying to get working because I
> thought
> it might shed light on why I get memory corruption when I try to run the
> "echo" sample client app):
> [Mon Nov 10 11:04:31 2008] [error]
> ..\..\src\core\deployment\dep_engine.c(750) dep_engine repos listener
> creation failed, folder name is ../
> [Mon Nov 10 11:04:31 2008] [error]
> ..\..\src\core\deployment\conf_init.c(67)
> dep engine load failed. conf value is NULL
> [Mon Nov 10 11:04:31 2008] [error]
> ..\..\src\core\transport\http\server\simple_axis2_server\http_server_main.c(214)
> Server creation failed: Error code: 34 :: Repository listener
> initialization
> failed
> So I guess this "repository" (there doesn't appear to be any documentation
> explaining this term; I've had to infer from the error message, snippets on
> blogs and mailing lists, and the source, which is poorly commented) is the
> place the service DLL files are loaded from.  I don't know where it's
> looking... AFAICT, the ../ directory it specifies is WSFCPP_HOME, and
> there's certainly no services there.  There are some in the "services"
> subdirectory of that folder, but I don't know what to do with them.
> All I'm trying to do is add SOAP support to an existing application.  I
> want
> to handle the HTTP request myself, then hand the XML contained therein to
> Axis for processing.  I don't want Axis to open any ports nor do any socket
> stuff.  I don't want Axis to load any services DLLs.  I want my app to be
> the service.  Can this be done using Axis?  I think I may have had a
> completely wrong idea of what Axis does -- it seems more like Tomcat than a
> SOAP library.  I don't want some kind of service container, I want a SOAP
> API.  Is this possible?  Is there documentation?
> Thanks.
> nandika jayawardana-2 wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > If you are building the C++ wrapper, did you edit the file
> > and
> > then ran the build.bat. It should build the libraries for you.
> >
> > Regards
> > Nandika
> >
> >
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