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From "Rahul Miglani" <>
Subject Problem encountered with MEP
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2008 13:54:51 GMT
Hi all,


I have a Java application server and I have exposed the services using
Axis2 (Java). The WSDLs for the services have been generated using the
java2wsdl tool.


Now I am trying to access these services using Axis2/C on the client
side. The stubs have been generated using wsdl2c tool.

The MEP for the methods in the service are either robust-in-only or
in-out. And I have declared the RPCMessageReciever as the class to
handle in-out type serialization/deserialization and
RPCInOnlyMessageReciever as the class to handle robust-in-only type
serialization/deserialization in the generated WSDLs.


The problem I am facing is that once I call a method of the service that
has MEP as robust-in-only any subsequent call to a method with MEP as
in-out crashes the client. The soap envelop does not seem to have a
body. I have checked that using a module that intercepts the incoming
packet and displaying the body part of the envelop as string. It is


I have deployed a module on the server side as well and it shows that
SOAP envelop has been created properly on the server side.


Am I missing something here on the client side. Please advise if
somebody has encountered such a problem.


Any help would be highly appreciated.


Thanks and Regards,

Rahul Miglani

Sr. Engineer I - R&D

Core Technologies - Enterprise


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