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From Yanroy <>
Subject Re: building Axis2/C on windows
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 17:31:18 GMT

I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but I'm pretty sure I did it.  I
downloaded binary distributions of libxml2, openssl, zlib, etc and set the
paths in to point to them.  Running build.bat gives me two
different errors, depending on which target I have set up inside it.  If I
attempt to build "dist", it gives me an error about not having an include
file for httpd (which is expected, since I don't want the apache module). 
If I build "dist_as_lib", I get an error about missing libeay32MT.lib.  The
openssl package I have contains libeay32.lib and libeay32_a.lib, not that
file specified.  To get this far, I had to modify one of the build scripts
to not build most of the modules because they all fail in varying ways
(particularly sandesha).  I think it's hopeless for me to try to build from

This morning I found this blog ( which is the
first useful documentation of Axis2/C that I've come across.  Why is there
so little documentation for it?  There's plenty for Java, but all the
interesting parts of the Java documentation don't apply to the C
implementation because they depend on reflection.  This blog mentions that
only VS2005 is supported (I'm using 6.0, unfortunately), so I gave up on
building from source and I'm now back to trying to figure out why I can't
use the binary distribution.  The blog post gave me a small clue about how
the C version works when it mentioned that services are loaded from DLLs
based on the services.xml file.  This makes sense, but it's not what I want. 
It probably explains this error I get from the example server included in
the binary distribution (which I was trying to get working because I thought
it might shed light on why I get memory corruption when I try to run the
"echo" sample client app):

[Mon Nov 10 11:04:31 2008] [error]
..\..\src\core\deployment\dep_engine.c(750) dep_engine repos listener
creation failed, folder name is ../
[Mon Nov 10 11:04:31 2008] [error] ..\..\src\core\deployment\conf_init.c(67)
dep engine load failed. conf value is NULL
[Mon Nov 10 11:04:31 2008] [error]
Server creation failed: Error code: 34 :: Repository listener initialization

So I guess this "repository" (there doesn't appear to be any documentation
explaining this term; I've had to infer from the error message, snippets on
blogs and mailing lists, and the source, which is poorly commented) is the
place the service DLL files are loaded from.  I don't know where it's
looking... AFAICT, the ../ directory it specifies is WSFCPP_HOME, and
there's certainly no services there.  There are some in the "services"
subdirectory of that folder, but I don't know what to do with them.

All I'm trying to do is add SOAP support to an existing application.  I want
to handle the HTTP request myself, then hand the XML contained therein to
Axis for processing.  I don't want Axis to open any ports nor do any socket
stuff.  I don't want Axis to load any services DLLs.  I want my app to be
the service.  Can this be done using Axis?  I think I may have had a
completely wrong idea of what Axis does -- it seems more like Tomcat than a
SOAP library.  I don't want some kind of service container, I want a SOAP
API.  Is this possible?  Is there documentation?


nandika jayawardana-2 wrote:
> Hi,
> If you are building the C++ wrapper, did you edit the file
> and
> then ran the build.bat. It should build the libraries for you.
> Regards
> Nandika

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