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From Yanroy <>
Subject Re: building Axis2/C on windows
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 22:17:09 GMT

I've continued investigating this issue all day.  I think I've made some
progress.  I discovered I was setting my build target in the wrong place. 
Now I'm using dist_as_lib and it mostly works (gets further, anyways).  I
also added in libcurl.  I downloaded some binaries for windows off the curl
site, but it has a libcurl.a file inside it instead of the libcurl_imp.lib
file that axis seems to be looking for.  What should I do about this?  I
can't find any download of libcurl that has that file in it, and from a
cursory examination it doesn't look like building from source will get it
for me.  Do I even need curl support?  Can axis make outgoing HTTP requests
without it?

When I disable libcurl, I now run into a different problem.  This one seems
to be in the sandesha module (which I don't want but can't figure out how to
turn off -- I think it's being built by the WSO2 WSF/C++ build script).  I
get an internal compiler error.  My guess is that it's using some kind of
advanced templating technique and my ancient compiler can't cope with it. 
Is it a lost cause trying to use Axis2/C on MSVC++ 6?

Thanks again.  I'm getting increasingly desperate.  I may have to switch to
another SOAP library if I can't get this working.  Though there's no
guarantee another one would work any better...
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