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From Yanroy <>
Subject building Axis2/C on windows
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 19:15:04 GMT

I'm trying to build Axis2/C on Win Server 2k3 using MSVC++ 6 (actually I'm
building the WSO2 WSF/C++ wrapper for it, but the entirety of the Axis2/C
source tree is inside it and that's the part that's failing).  I have no
choice about the OS for compiler version, unfortunately.  I had a problem
where the SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE constant wasn't defined in my winsock2.h,
probably because of the really old compiler, so I added the line from a
newer version of visual studio.  That let me get far enough for it to fail
on the httpd dependency.  I want to use libcurl, not httpd.  I don't want to
use either an httpd or IIS module -- I'm trying to integrate this into my
existing webapp which is already an IIS extension.  I'm also not using the
binary distributions because I don't want the extra dependencies and because
I was getting memory corruption issues with them that I think might be
caused by my old compiler trying to link to them.  I have several questions:

1) What are the proper target(s) to use in the makefile to get all the stuff
I'll need except the apache/IIS modules?  I've been doing "nmake install" so
far, but I also tried "nmake dist_as_lib".

2) My webapp will be both sending and receiving requests via HTTP (or
HTTPS).  I assume libcurl will be sufficient for outgoing connections.  My
intended way of handling incoming connections is to use the HTTP request
handling function that has already been developed in my webapp and just hand
off the body of the request to Axis2/C.  Will this work?  Will I need to
create my own Transport Receiver to pull this off, and if so, is there any
documentation/tutorial you could point me to?

3) As I was signing up for this mailing list, I noticed some discussion
about lack of unicode support.  Doesn't Axis2/C have to process SOAP
messages encoded in UTF8?  My webapp exclusively uses UTF8 and it's a must
that I can send and receive SOAP messages in UTF8 format.  I assume Axis2/C
has a dependency on iconv to support this.  Can you please verify it's
capable of this?

4) Also, I've been hanging out on your IRC channel lately... it's really
quiet in there.  This mailing list also seems to have fairly low volume. 
Does that mean Axis2/C isn't under much use or development?  Is it suitable
for a new app?

Thank you very much for your assistance,

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