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From "Matthias Dodt" <>
Subject Re: Axis2/C with Axis2/Java
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 16:10:49 GMT
Hi Dinesh!

Thanks for the quick response;-). Thats good news: Axis2/C works with Axis2/Java - nice.

I studied the client - example on:

There you need to specify the environment variable:
   client_home = AXIS2_GETENV("AXIS2C_HOME");
    svc_client = axis2_svc_client_create(env, client_home);
    if (!svc_client)
   ... error handling

    axis2_svc_client_set_options(svc_client, env, options);

    payload = build_om_request(env);

    ret_node = axis2_svc_client_send_receive(svc_client, env, payload);

for me it looks like any axis2/C Client needs a axis2/c installation/path? What i want is:
To extend my C++ Programs by a simple DLL or library, to contact a webservice, defined by
I don't want to bother my users with an installation of axis2/c - they should download only
an .exe file, is this possible?


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