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From "Mark Webb" <>
Subject simple response parsing question
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 15:56:03 GMT
I have a web service client written in Axis2C and am getting the
response back properly.  The response is just a long value.  Here is
the XML I receive back:


I am using the method axiom_node_get_first_child(node, env) to get the
value node.  I print out the node and get:


Problem is that I cannot figure out how to parse out the '1234'.  I
have looked at the examples but cannot get my code to work.  Here is
where I am at:

printf("NODE = %s\n", axiom_node_to_string( return_val_node, env ));
<----  This prints out "<return>1234</return>"
firstNodeText = (axiom_text_t
*)axiom_node_get_data_element(return_val_node, env);
firstNodeString = axiom_text_get_value(firstNodeText, env);
printf("Return Value = %s\n", firstNodeString);

Return value is always printed as (null).

--- Thanks

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