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From "Lefrancois, Carl" <>
Subject early env cleanup in asynchronous mode
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2008 19:27:15 GMT
Hello all,

No doubt my problem is due to user error, but I'm not sure what to try
next to fix this problem.

I am working to implement asynchronous mode client calls in a project
which is already fairly mature and works well in blocking mode.  When my
DLL is loaded, I initialise the Axis2/C environment, and I free the
environment on unload of the DLL.  In between I can make many web
service calls in blocking mode.

What is happening now is that I used code from the echo_non_blocking.c
sample to implement asynchronous mode but I get an access violation
because the env is freed inside the function which calls my on_complete
callback.  After this function is completed my application still tries
to use the same env.

Can someone point out which function to call so I can make use of the
asynchronous callbacks and still keep the same environment between

here is the code I am using:
      /* Send request */
      svc_client = axis2_stub_get_svc_client (stub, axis2_env );
      AXIS2_LOG_INFO(axis2_env->log, "\n---appel d'axis2 send receive
INITIÉ---\n");  ******* I see this in the log
      axis2_svc_client_send_receive_non_blocking(svc_client, axis2_env,
payload, callback);
      AXIS2_LOG_INFO(axis2_env->log, "\n---appel d'axis2 send receive
RETOURNÉ---\n");******* I see this in the log

      /** Wait till callback is complete. Simply keep the parent thread
         until our on_complete or on_error is invoked */
      while (count < 15)
          if (isComplete)
              /* We are done with the callback */
          AXIS2_LOG_INFO(axis2_env->log, "\n---AXIS DORT---\n");
******* I see this in the log
          AXIS2_LOG_INFO(axis2_env->log, "\n---AXIS SE RÉVEILLE---\n");
******* crash happens here after on_complete.. Axis2_env is freed!

      if (!(count < 15))
        AXIS2_LOG_INFO(axis2_env->log, "\n---appel d'axis2 send receive
COMPLÉTÉ TIMEOUT---\n");   **** never see this in log
        *lpiEtatTraitement = ETAT_TRAITEMENT_TIMEOUT;
        AXIS2_LOG_INFO(axis2_env->log, "\n---appel d'axis2 send receive
COMPLÉTÉ OK---\n");	   **** never see this in log

axis2_status_t AXIS2_CALL OnRatingStubOpComplete(     struct
axis2_callback * callback,     const axutil_env_t * env)
"\n---OnRatingStubOpComplete()---\n");		  ******* I see this in
the log
    isComplete = 1;
    return AXIS2_SUCCESS;


... In the trace execution goes into op_client.c here:

    if (args_list->callback)
        axis2_callback_invoke_on_complete(args_list->callback, th_env,
args_list->op_client->async_result);	**** calls my on_complete
function above
        axis2_callback_set_complete(args_list->callback, th_env,

    /* clean up memory */
    axis2_async_result_free(args_list->op_client->async_result, th_env);

    axis2_op_ctx_free(op_ctx, th_env);

    th_pool = th_env->thread_pool;

    AXIS2_FREE(th_env->allocator, args_list);

    if (th_env)
        th_env = NULL;
    axutil_thread_pool_exit_thread(th_pool, thd);
***** this frees my env! as shown in my log
    return NULL;


So can someone tell me, is axis2_svc_client_send_receive_non_blocking
the wrong function to use if I want to make many service calls with one

Carl Lefrançois
Analyste / Programmeur
Larochelle Groupe Conseil

Tél. :      514-282-6817, poste 4548
Couriel :

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