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From Suguru HAMAZAKI <>
Subject Re: Declaring a namespace of an XPath expression with Savan/C
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2008 01:23:47 GMT

Thanks for responding, Damitha.

On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 17:46:05 +0530, Damitha Kumarage <> wrote
> Savan/C currently support XPath filtering. In order for server side to 
> support to support XPath filtering you need to build Savan/C module with 
> filtering enabled. Also make sure that you have libxml2 and libxslt dev 
> packages installed in your system.
> To understand how this works run the default subscriber client sample 
> with filtering related code uncommented.(It is by default commented in 
> the sample).

I built Savan/C with filtering option enabled and tried the bundled
samples, subscriber on client side and publisher and listener on
server side, and they're working OK.

> Following is the Subscribe element it send
> <wse:Subscribe xmlns:wse="">
>          <wse:EndTo></wse:EndTo>
>          <wse:Delivery>
> <wse:NotifyTo>http://localhost:9090/axis2/services/listener</wse:NotifyTo>
>          </wse:Delivery>
>          <wse:Filter 
> Dialect="">//test3[@data=&apos;5&apos;]</wse:Filter>
>       </wse:Subscribe>

My point is Savan/C API lacks means to specify an XPath expression
with namespace qualified names, because there is no way to declare the
namespaces which is used in the expression. Note that, in the example
you showed above, the element name, test3, and the attribute name,
data, are both unqualified. Is it impossible to specify an expression


and declare ns1 and ns2 in wse:Filter element?


HAMAZAKI, Suguru <hamazy at>

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