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From "Supun Kamburugamuva" <>
Subject Re: AXIS2 and AXIOM
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2008 08:31:24 GMT
Axiom node is used for building the tree structure of a xml document in to a
programming model. Obviously a XML tree consists of different entities like
elements, text, comments etc. All these things are embedded in to the tree
structure which consists of nodes. This implies that nodes carry different
information. For example a node can carry an element or text. That is why we
check the node type to figure out what is the contetnt of the node.
axiom_node_t is a structure. Also axiom_element_t and axiom_text_t are

So in other words the axiom tree consists of axiom_node_t structures. These
nodes tree structure may contains pointers to other structures like
axiom_element_t or axiom_text_t. The actual data of the xml is encapsulated
in the structures like axiom_element_t. The structure of the xml is captured
in the axiom_node_t tree.


On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 12:45 PM, Martina08 <>wrote:

> hi,
> yes you are right, i change my code to
> axis2_char_t *om_str = NULL;
> om_str = axiom_node_to_string(ret_node, env);
> if(om_string)
>     printf("Response is: %s\n", om_string);
> and it gives me a positiv answer back=) thanks
> So i got a xml_element as the result with no text, but why i get text using
> the axiom_node_to string-function? I dont see the differents....
> I think the node Type AXIOM_TEXT is as the name implies "text". But what is
> a node Type AXIOM ELEMENT? In the math example the code is like:
> if(axiom_node_get_node_type(ret_node, env) == AXIOM_ELEMENT)
>    {
>         axis2_char_t *result = NULL;
>         axiom_element_t *result_ele =
> (axiom_elemet_t*)axiom_node_get_data_element(ret_node,env);
>         result = axiom_element_get_text(result_ele, env, ret_node);
>         printf("\nResult = %s\n", result);
> ...
> why is used here this and not the axiom_node_to string-function? I dont see
> the different...
> Di you understand me?
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