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From Michael Sutter <>
Subject Max call of service
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 08:18:52 GMT
Hello list,

I have a problem with a Axis2 service and need some input if my service 
is developed the right
way. Inside my service I make a call to a external library. So I make a 
variable of the object and
put it on the stack. So normally the instance should be destroyed when 
the scope is lost. I think
this is done when the execution of the service is finished and the 
output is given back to the client.
Am I right?

By doing this I had a strange problem. The mentioned service is called 
every 10 sec to give a state
to the client. First I was running the service in Axis2 version 1.4 and 
get about every two hours an
AxisFault: Too many open files. So I think that the destructor of my 
variable was not called and that
I have memory leaks. After that I integrated a log message in the 
destructor to see, if it is called.
Normally my service is running inside an Apache installation and I never 
saw the output of the log

Nevertheless if I run the service in axis simple server I see the log 
output and so I think the implementation
of my service is correct. When running the service inside the axis 
simple server I also get AxisFault,
but after about 12 - 14 hours runtime. After searching the mailing list 
I found, that there is a memory
leak in the mod_axis apache modul. So I compiled Axis2 from SVN and the 
service is running for about
17 hours without any problem.

So to my question: Have I done something wrong in the implementation of 
my service by putting the instance
on the stack and not explicitly calling the destructor or could it be 
that the SVN version fixes the problem?
Nevertheless, why I'm getting the message by running the service inside 
the axis simple server, where I
see that the destructor is called?

Kind regards

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