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From "Supun Kamburugamuva" <>
Subject Re: Am I right?
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 04:42:28 GMT
i Friends,
>             What I understood about AXIOM is this... please tell me if i am
> right...
>             1. Axiom is a linked list which is capable of holding the XML
> document more conveniently as it has members like attributes, namespaces,
> etc.
Right. The linked list contains axiom_node_t structure. These nodes can
contain data like axiom_element_t, axiom_text_t etc.

>             2. These members of the linked list are used to pin point the
> required node or required attribute of the node with out parsing the whole
> structure constructed, when ever needed. [This capability of pin pointing is
> called PULL PARSING technique]

Right. After building this model or tree the pin pointing is more like in

>             3. We make use of libxml2 or guththilla parsers to construct
> the XML document [which is a DOM structure].
 We call this Document oject model om.

>             4. This XML document acts as an input to construct the AXIOM
> tree which can be pull parsed. [AXIOM tree is a wrapper around libxml2's XML
> document, so that it can be pull parsed]
I'm not sure what you are saying here. What happens is the XML document is
pull parsed by guththila or libxml2 and the values returned by this pull
parsing is used to construct the tree or the linked list. The main
difference is that the XML document is parsed on demand with of the user. So
the XML document can be parsed halfway and the model will be built halfway.
In other parsing technologies we parse the whole XML document at once.


>            Am I right in understating the concepts of AXIOM and pull
> parsing? Please correct me if I am not correct.
>  Vamsi, IIIT-Hyd.

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