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From "Alex Bolgarov" <>
Subject Loading module into Apache
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 18:33:31 GMT

How do you load a module into the Apache when you copy
the Axis2/C libraries to some directory - for example, when you are
using the binary Axis2/C distribution, or just build Axis2/C from
source on one machine (and installed itto some directory) and then
copy Axis2/C module and libraries to some directory on some othar
machine with Apache server?

Well, here is a longer description of the problem:

Say I'm using a source distribution. I download the .tar.gz source
tarball, untar, configure it with some install directory (--prefix)
and build/install it, now I have this install directory with the build
by me Axis2/C.

I have Apache server running in this machine, so I copy
into the Apache installation, I update the Apache config to load the
module, I define the Axis2/C repository, I develop a web service and
run tests against it. All is fine up to this point.

Now I want to use the Axis2/C with the Apache server that is running
on another machine.

I copy everything from the install directory from the build machine
into some directory on this other machine with Apache (let's call this
directory "/home/alex/axis2c-dist").

I rename to and copy it into the
Apache's modules directory.

Now I change the Apache config file so that it contains the line

    LoadModule axis2_module modules/

I try to start Apache:

    $ apachectl start

and see following error:

Cannot load /home/alex/httpd/modules/ into server: cannot open shared object file: No such file or

Now, I happen to know about the LoadFile Apache directive :)

I add the LoadFile directive for the so that Apache
loads it from the /home/alex/axis2c-dist directory, now the Apache
config looks like this:

    LoadFile /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/
    LoadModule axis2_module modules/

I try to start Apache again:

    $ apachectl start

and now see:

Cannot load /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/ into
server: cannot open shared object file: No such file
or directory

OK, I add LoadFile directives for the, and so on, when I
finally arrive to the following config:

    LoadFile /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/
    LoadFile /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/
    LoadFile /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/
    LoadFile /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/
    LoadFile /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/
    LoadFile /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/
    LoadFile /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/

    LoadModule axis2_module modules/

But now, after I try to start Apache, I see new error:

Cannot load /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/
into server: /home/alex/axis2c-dist/lib/
undefined symbol: axis2_handler_invoke

Which means that the depends on the, and requires it to be loaded by Apache first,
but the contains a reference to undefined
symbol "axis2_handler_invoke", that is defined by the (Yes, I used 'nm | grep
axis2_handler_invoke" to check that this symbol is indeed defined in
this library.)

Circular dependency?

How do I break it?

(note that the same thing happens if I download the binary
distribution, untar it into some directory and copy the mod_axis2 into
the Apache moddules directory. Up to the same point I can use LoadFile
to load Axis2/C libraries, but then again I see this circular

Thank you,


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