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From "Hatim Daginawala" <>
Subject Cannot retrieve http headers in 1.4
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 20:38:32 GMT
Hi All,


I am using following calls to retrieve HTTP headers from the response
and axis2_msg_ctx_get_property returns NULL


This works in AXIS2/C 1.3 but not in AXIS2/C 1.4, has anything changed? 


Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you.



op_client = axis2_svc_client_get_op_client(svc_client, env);


msg_ctx = (axis2_msg_ctx_t *) axis2_op_client_get_msg_ctx (op_client,


client_property = (axutil_property_t *)axis2_msg_ctx_get_property(
msg_ctx, env, AXIS2_HTTP_CLIENT);


client = (axis2_http_client_t *)axutil_property_get_value (
client_property, env);


response = axis2_http_client_get_response (client, env);


list = axis2_http_simple_response_get_headers (response, env);


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