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From "Mike McKee" <>
Subject How AXIOM Handles Nodes that do not have any text values
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2008 22:57:46 GMT
In our WSDL, we will have times where an empty string will be passed.
Therefore the XML send by the sender could be:

<Param1><Param1/> or <Param1/>


Question 1:

When the Stax gets built, it seems not to include this NODE as I try to
process the NODE Tree. My expectation that it would be included, but it
seems like it is only included if a value is passed. Why is this? 


Question 2:

Is the an Axiom call that can find the name of the element (ie. Param1),
so that I can know for sure which element I am processing?



Question 3:

When I unit test with SOAP UI/AXIS2C, I see that SOAPUI expects all
XSD:STRINGS to be required fields. It seems like the only way that I can
even use empty strings in SOAPUI is to specify "minoccurs=0" in my WSDL.
I thought XSD:STRINGS were always optional, unless you specified
required. I realize that this last question is not specifically AXIS2C,
but any help would be appreciated.






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