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From "naveen bhat" <>
Subject Unable to support MTOM for code generation with adb
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 10:08:31 GMT
Hello group,

I have a service which receives an MTOM attachment, and the service sends
back the same.
I generated the service skeleton code with adb from the wsdl .
The wsdl describes the data exchanged to be of type xmime:base64binary.
I am able to receive the MTOM attachment at the client and save it to a
In the business logic of the service, i wrote the code to create the
datahandler from the file received.
But i found that the code that is serializing the xop node is converting it
to a string using axiom_node_to_string API.
Because of which i am unable to see the attachment at the client end.

*For Instance:*

Sample server response to client as observed in tcpmon

---MIME boundary
<BinaryData><xop node serialized as string></BinaryData>
----MIME boundary

----MIME boundary
No attachment(empty)
----MIME boundary

*Serializer logic:*

It is enclosing the xop node in between the tags <BinaryData> and
Its converting xop node to string using axiom_node_to_string(xop_node,env)l

How to generate code with proper serializers to send MTOM from the service
with adb???
Kindly let me know if you need more details.

Thanks in advance,
Naveen Bhat

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