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From samuel sun <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Axis2/C support for AIX?
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 06:34:53 GMT

Hi guys,

I'm also working on this issue, my env is AXIS2/C 1.3, AIX 5.2 and xlc 6.0,
and I also encounter the shared library suffix issue, after resolve it
temporarily the error when running sample echo is "Illegal instruction (core
dumped)" at "addr_in_handler.c" line 105. The call stack print by dbx is the

.() at 0x0
axis2_addr_in_handler_create(0x11000c7f0, 0x110036a10), line 105 in
unnamed block $b746, line 1318 in "dep_engine.c"
axis2_dep_engine_add_module_flow_handlers(0x11000cf90, 0x11000c7f0,
0x1100365b0, 0x110037ab0), line 1318 in "dep_engine.c"
axis2_dep_engine_add_new_module(0x11000cf90, 0x11000c7f0, 0x11002bfd0), line
1389 in "dep_engine.c"
unnamed block $b758, line 1515 in "dep_engine.c"
unnamed block $b757, line 1515 in "dep_engine.c"
axis2_dep_engine_do_deploy(0x11000cf90, 0x11000c7f0), line 1515 in
axis2_ws_info_list_update(0x11002be10, 0x11000c7f0), line 425 in
axis2_repos_listener_update(0x11002b5b0, 0x11000c7f0), line 297 in
axis2_repos_listener_init(0x11002b5b0, 0x11000c7f0), line 324 in
0x11000d8b0, 0x11000cf90), line 141 in "repos_listener.c"
axis2_dep_engine_load_client(0x11000cf90, 0x11000c7f0, 0xffffffffffff8a6),
line 938 in "dep_engine.c"
axis2_build_client_conf_ctx(0x11000c7f0, 0xffffffffffff8a6), line 226 in
axis2_svc_client_init_transports_from_conf_ctx(0x11000c7f0, 0x11000cb10,
0x0, 0xffffffffffff8a6), line 1168 in "svc_client.c"
0xffffffffffff8a6, 0x0, 0x0), line 283 in "svc_client.c"
axis2_svc_client_create(0x11000c7f0, 0xffffffffffff8a6), line 106 in
main(argc = 1, argv = 0x0ffffffffffff410), line 86 in "echo.c"

I can't get any idea totally how to track this kind of issue, can anyone

Hal Roseman wrote:
> Hi Brent,
> We are also working on this problem.   Have you gotten any closer?   We
> should collaborate.
> - Hal

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