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From "Sérgio Gomes" <>
Subject C code generator and subclasses
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 16:17:50 GMT
Hi there,

I'm back with my code generator questions again, sorry about that ;-)
This is a rather complex one, and if it's not implemented (as I
suspect) it might take quite a bit of work.

Here's the story: I've recently generated all the stubs for a complex
WSDL ( ), and
noticed that there wasn't any code generated for derived types, even
if they're subtypes of an abstract type.

The abstract type works fine, however. There's a method in this
service that returns a list of derived types, for instance, and I'm
able to use the abstract type stubs to access the inherited
properties. However, I can't use the properties specific to each type,
since there are no stubs for that.

Also, I am unable to use a different method, that requires a list of
derived types as an input parameter, since there are no stubs for
creating them and the service won't accept abstract types (not to
mention the fact that I need to set the properties specific to each

As I said, it looks like this still hasn't been done. Is that right?
Any information you can give me as to whether this will be done and,
if so, when?


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