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From alebu <>
Subject Writing web services with C++
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2008 13:49:15 GMT
Hi list.
I have such a situation:
I have some web-service which was generated from WSDL using WSDL2C utility.
Later I decided to write part of this web-service with C++. Before functions
that uses
C++ code I put:
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"
Then I tried to compile using g++. During compilation some errors were
found, but
all of them was about incorrect conversion from void* into axis2 types.
When I fixed them (I hope) but when I call this web-service I got axis
         <faultstring>Failed in creating DLL</faultstring>
In axis2.log only one message was interesting for me:
raw_xml_in_out_msg_recv.c(115) Impl object for service 'myService' not set
in message receiver. 100 :: Failed in creating DLL

I understand that it probably was'nt very wise to compile .c files using g++
but, compilation was sucessful, so I wonder
where possible problem can be.
Is it possible at all to compile axis2/C web serice from C++ sources using
C++ possibilities?

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