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From "Lefrancois, Carl" <>
Subject RE : "Wrong element type or null node"
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 20:08:35 GMT
Hi List,

More info:  A piece of my WSDL looks like this:

    <xs:complexType name="CommercialLinesRatingProcessMessageType">
                Adds context to the base business process message type
            <xs:extension base="businessProcess:BusinessProcessMessageType">
                <xs:attribute ref="addDataTypes:MessageVersion" use="optional" default="3.0"/>


The payload generation fails when trying to add the attribute MessageVersion to the CommercialLinesRatingProcessMessageType

text_attri = axiom_attribute_create (env, "MessageVersion", text_value, ns1);
axiom_element_add_attribute (parent_element, env, text_attri, parent); 
// Wrong element type.. AXIOM_DATA_SOURCE instead of AXIOM_ELEMENT

My question is this: is the above style of <xs:extension...> currently supported by


-----Message d'origine-----
De : Lefrancois, Carl 
Envoyé : mercredi, avril 23, 2008 15:12
À : Apache AXIS C User List
Objet : "Wrong element type or null node"

Hi List,

After a change in the WSDL I am supporting, the WSDL2C generated code fails to serialize the
payload with a "Wrong element type or null node" message in the log file.

Stepping through the serialization reveals that the node type is AXIOM_DATA_SOURCE where the
expected value is AXIOM_ELEMENT.  This is on a call to add an attribute to an element.

Has someone else seen this log message?  So far while I've been working on this project, the
WSDL has been revised several times and the stub always executed without a problem so I am
a bit stumped why this node is suddenly the wrong type.

Carl Lefrançois
Analyst / Programmeur
consultant Larochelle Groupe Conseil
pour AXA Canada Tech

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