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From "Sérgio Gomes" <>
Subject C code genarator producing non-compilable results
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2008 19:00:58 GMT

I'm using the code generator to get stubs for an existing WSDL ( ), but
the generator is producing some unexpected (and non-compilable)
results. Namely, it generates the following as a function header:

axis2_stub_op_CampaignService_getCampaignStats( axis2_stub_t *stub,
const axutil_env_t *env,

adb_getCampaignStats_t* _getCampaignStats,
                                                        useragent _useragent,
                                                        password _password,
                                                        email _email,

clientCustomerId _clientCustomerId,

applicationToken _applicationToken);

but then it doesn't generate the "useragent", "password", "email",
etc. types (which are just complexTypes with a single restriction: to
be a string, if you look at the WSDL). This of course causes the
compiler to complain that the types aren't defined. I've generated the
code with ADB support, and the "adb_useragent_t" is in fact defined,
but not "useragent" (same goes for other types).

I'm using the latest nightly build (as of 12 Mar 19:00 UTC) with the
standard options sugegsted in the documentation (-d adb -u).

Can anyone provide any tips?


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