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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Error code: 75 :: A read attempt(HTTP) for the reply without sending the request
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2008 22:53:49 GMT
Again, this is an httpd performance tuning issue. If you want to run 
httpd with heavy loads, then you got to fine tune httpd config to adopt 
to heavy loads.


Alex Bolgarov wrote:
> Hi,
> Another thing that happened today in my experiments with the Axis2/C
> was this error message from the client:
> Error code: 75 :: A read attempt(HTTP) for the reply without sending the request
> This happens after approx. 28-30 thousand requests were sent by the
> client successfully. I'm using modified echo sample client, modified
> in that the send-receive call is put into the loop with large (100000
> currently) number of iterations. So the client does ~30K
> requests-response interactions successfully and then this error
> happens.
> As far as I understand, after searching for this error in the Axis
> source code, this error is reported when a client tries to receive the
> response but there is no HTTP socket connection opened to the server,
> right?
> I'm using a mod_axis2 with Apache httpd 2.4.4 as a Axis server.
> What is interesting though, is that the debug level that is set up in
> the Apache config file for Axis (Axis2LogLevel directive) seems to
> have an impact on this.
> When the Axis2LogLevel is set to 'debug', which means that the
> mod_axis2 generates a huge amount of debug information in the Apache's
> error_log, this error does not happen at all - all 100K of
> request-response interactions are successful.
> Only when I set Axis2LogLevel to 'info' or less (that is, less
> information is printed in the error_log file), then this error
> happens, stable after ~30K requests.
> What might be the reason for this? May be writing of the debug output
> slows down the Axis significantly so that no problem occurs, but if
> the debug information is not written, then Axis (and httpd where it is
> running) overload the computer so that the httpd refuses a connection
> after some time?
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Samisa Abeysinghe 
Software Architect; WSO2 Inc. - "Oxygenating the Web Service Platform."

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