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From "Carl Lefran├žois" <>
Subject [AXIS2C] trouble debugging under windows
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 20:30:27 GMT
For several days I have been struggling to enable line by line debugging in
visual C 6.0.

An example of the problem is that while stepping through code, when
attempting to step into a call to the client API, the debugger shows the
wrong lines of code and wrong call stack.

steps taken to resolve:

-make sure all modules are compiled with the same compiler and linker
-create new workspaces for each module
-take options directly from makefile provided in /build/win32
-replace LF line endings with windows-style CRLF line endings in .c and .h
sources (supposed to affect C preprocessor line count)

so far in all cases the behaviour is the same: I can step through my code
but not into any client API DLLs.

My hope in sending this message is that someone using the same environment
can confirm they are able to debug properly in client API DLLs (or any Axis2
DLL for that matter).

So far aside from work environment compatibility problems, the experience
with Axis2C is very positive.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may give me!

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