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From David Vaquero <>
Subject Re: [Questions][Whislist] WSDL generation, improved service information, and developer flow cicle in server
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 11:44:42 GMT
Hi All
my comments are inline :)
Dimuthu Gamage escribió:
> Hi David,
> On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 5:42 PM, David Vaquero <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> [...]
>>  First, there is any method in AXIS2/C to generate the WSDL file from the
>>  code of a service library?
>>  Before I used the soap2cpp tool from gsoap proyect to parse the .h file
>>  to generate the wsld file, in AXIS2/C, there is any similar tool?

First at all, thanks for the support :)
> No currently there is no such a way to generate WSDL from C code, So
> the code first approach is not possible, anyway if your intension is
> generate WSDLs, Axis2/Java provides one (Java2WSDL).
Thanks, I'll try it :)
>>  Second, the html information about the services is cool, but i think
>>  that if this information includes the Request and Response Paramaters
>>  structured, the html service info will be more usefull for the WS user.
>>  There is a method to include this structured information in the result
>>  html exit of AXIS2/C?
> No, I think the main reason these two are not implemented, C doesn't
> support on reflection as in Java or any newer languages, and there is
> no proper way to write annotations in C to describe meta data. So the
> implementations are not just straight forward.
A suggest :)
If in the services.xml we could define an optional "wsdlfile" tag to 
asociate the wsdl to the service, the info of the wsdl file includes the 
structs, parameters to the diferent methods.
With a wsdl parser in the service load can extract the info from the 
wsdl and could extend the html output from the services containing: 
Structs, Methods, Response and Request Parameters by method.
This will be interesting?
>>  Third, and last  :)  ,  I dont understand well the load library process in
>>  Axis2/C yet (in standalone server and apache module), but there is any
>>  way to force the load a library service when the server is up(executed)?
> No, The services, modules are loaded only at the startup, But there
> are soap extensions like WSF/PHP or WSF/Ruby which uses the same
> Axis2/C and load PHP or Ruby services dynamically. So I think it is
> possible to implement this kind of thing with Axis2/C. I believe this
> will be a feature of Axis2/C 1.4?, just a thought.:)
Said by Samisa:

If you want to load a service while the server is running, by placing it 
in the service repository, it cannot be done right now, because we do 
not have hot deployment implemented. However, this can be done 
programatically with current Axis2/C.
end of the copy---------->

I'll explain the feature for if it results interesting for future 
releases :)

In the development-testing of the service, we actual had to restart the 
service to reload the .so's of one service, if we could force the reload 
a service from a control console tool (like the a2enmod or a2dismod in 
httpd server apache), so the other services will not affected for the 
charge of discharge of the other service.

Samisa, where I can find info about the programatically load and 
discharge of the services?

Regards :)

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