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From Mark Nüßler <>
Subject speed up build process
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2008 23:45:34 GMT
hello users,

not long ago there was a thread "Questions/suggestions on WSDL2C"
with the idea to have some improvements with building projects
from the generated files.

at this moment i hadn't a lot of time, but maybe now.
i want to pick up these thoughts and discuss a possible
process which can help to speed up development with axis2c.

it was asked if there is something that generates
a main method to test the code and somthing that
generates makefiles for server and client.

i think nearly everybody here who created a sevice not only once,
goes through his personal same steps over and over again,
to create a running project - waste of time ?

what "we" have ? nearly nothing :-(
the java project has an ant-build script, even when
i personally didn't use it, it is helpfull.

Dimuthu has an ruby script, that can generate a main method
to run the client [1].

i have a skript that can't build makefiles, but vs-studio
files [2].

ok, so fare, what i want you to tell me is,
want are your personal steps, when you want
to implement a service from a wsdl file ?

lets take the well known [3] wsdl file

my personal steps are :

1. have a batch file that generates client and server code in
different folders

2. generate with [2] the vs files

3. create a vs-studio-project for the client by hand and
also implement same basic logic for the main by hand

k, this is windows specific, but the idea behind my generator
could be used for other stuff as well

the idea :

have a generator that can read an
input-file that holds some values needed for output,
e.g path variables for include files. the generators
logic is nothing more than first traverse the source-folders
and gathering information and second to replace some
marks in template files with this information - nothing

i think with the input information and a simple
replacement engine any kind of make-files or ide
specific files can be done!?

i tried to write a makefile for servercode [3],
but i failed - i am not very familiar with this ...
maybe someone can send me one for nmake ?

k, somethink to think about

1. does anybody really needs this kind of generator,
is it helpfull or just waste of time when i think
of this ?

2. with what kind of languages the genearator should
work, so that win and linux users profit ?
--> i would prefer java, everyone has cause of wsdl2java

3. what exactly are the requirements, want would we exspect
from this kind of tool ?

i would be grateful to hear about your thoughts,
maybe you can give me an imagination how you work.

mfg derMark

[3] <axis2c-svn>\test\resources\wsdl\Calculator.wsdl

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