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From "Alastair FETTES" <>
Subject [Axis2C] Casting away const
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2008 22:43:17 GMT
Axis2C Developers:

There seems to be a fundamental problem with functions that return
values of type axis2_chart_t*.  We have only investigated a couple of
them but it appears that const values are being casted away in some
instances.  Please view the following example:

    axiom_attribute_t * attribute,
    const axutil_env_t * env)
    if (attribute->value)
        return (axis2_char_t *)
axutil_string_get_buffer(attribute->value, env);
    return NULL;

Note that the return value of axiom_attribute_get_value is a NON-const
axis2_char_t*.  Note the cast on the return value of function
axutil_string_get_buffer.  Here is the declaration of

const axis2_char_t*
    const struct axutil_string *string,
    const axutil_env_t * env);

Note that the return value is a CONST axis2_char_t*. The const attribute
of this pointer is being removed via the cast.

Is this expected functionality?  If not I suggest you research all
functions that return axis2_char_t*.


Alastair Fettes

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