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From Gavan Hood <>
Subject How to connect to server with dotnet client
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 09:39:14 GMT
I suspected a problem with MS support for WS basic profile as opposed to WS* indicated in Axis2C.
I hoped there would be a solution but have not found anything. I am at a point where I need
to tweak on of the two worlds... or drop Axis2. I still hope there is something I am missing
that will let the following process work for me... Let me know your thoughts please.
  I have to generate a service that is equivalent to a asmx service that has dotnet clients,
once I get that I can then extend...
  I know the MS and non MS worlds like to live in isolation, unfortunately I am in world that
demands they work together.
  I started with a dotnet asmx web service.... generated its WSDL this was to be the base
for the service environemnt.
  I then processed the WSDL with WSDL2C from Axis2 to give the C skeleton.
  I then compiled the skeleton (by modifying the echo sample makefile ...)
  With the dll etc in the Services folder, I can see it in the default 9090 connection of
listed services (which I think is just a dump of the xml folder contents).
  I autogenerated a C# client with MS visual studio from the WSDL. It worked fine with the
.asmx file as you would expect.
  I then pointed it at the Axis2 server and watched the SOAP packets with tcpmon, I can see
 a significant difference in the format as expected.
  I now need to identify if there are:
  A settting for Microsoft tools to connect to the Axis2C server.
  A configuration setting to Axis2C server to handle dotnet clients as above
  If there is no simple change, is there a code change for the Axis2C server  to trap these
connections and translater them. I am guessing I either have to make a custom http handler
or maybe there is a WS basic profile to WS* conversion utility that works like tcpmon....
  Any help much appreciated...

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