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From "Stadelmann Josef" <>
Subject [Axis2C] how to return a MsgBox
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2008 13:58:23 GMT
Maybe you have come across the same issue, but we have it for sure.

Our CORBA Server, from which we migrate away to become a web service server
has the demand to ask the user from time to time a simple question, which demands 
a YES or a NO answer from the user.

For that to work I have developed in the past a CORBA Server running on a PC, delivering
to the windows system a call which pops up a message box with a caption, a title and
a question and the two buttons YES and NO. 

When the user clicks on YES or NO the CORBA method quites and returns to the 
calling client-stub (running on the host corba server or vice versa) the  asnwer given as
an integer.

As we migrate today away from CORBA to WebServices this issue still persists. 

My webservice needs a way to ask the user a question before it finally executes the required
action. (such as deleting a file, a table or any thing only hardly or not for-seeable by the
before I go on with my architecture and system designe, I like to ask you the experts as I
still a bit a web- service - newby how a server can ask a browser or a fat web service/(client
server) to pop up with a msg box.

in other words, the thread goes from client to the web service server, invokes a service 
which sends the thread to the originating client which pops up a msg box and once the call

is answered by the user with yes or no, the thread completes and retuns to the server to complete

the method invocation as such, before the thread finally returns the result to the calling

Any hints welcome before I go on to generate a web service stub and have a web service server
running on each PC machine called.


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