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From martin spurek <>
Subject memory maangement in generated adb client stub
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:04:10 GMT
I am using axis2c-bin-1.1.0-linux and axis2-1.3
I am few past weeks learning how to use the generated adb stub using 
WSDL2C tool. I was doing as an exercise a simple wsdl service in java 
and i need to write test client in C. Using the generated stub took mi 
some time, however it compiles and work now.
However, if I repeat calling generated 
axis2_stub_op_Service_EventPerformed(stub, env, _eventperformed1);  
function with every call it increase allocated memory (if i omit it the 
memry footprint is constant). It does not depend on whether the service 
is running or not, the continuous memory allocation is the same.  I am 
not really too familiar with the adb code, so i paste here the function 
where i call it and the generated stub. Maybe someone tells me where is 
the problem, thanks in advance.
FIRST function where i use it:
RETURN_TYPE send_single_event(struct event_data *event){
    printf ("AXIS2 sendout - single event... \n");
    //following i keep still the same, declared on the top
    if(EventDTO==NULL) EventDTO = adb_EventDTO_create(env);
    status = adb_EventDTO_set_eventTime( EventDTO, env, event->time );
    status = adb_EventDTO_set_cID( EventDTO, env, event->cID );
    if(status != AXIS2_SUCCESS) return RETURN_FAILURE;

    //following i keep still the same, declared on the top
    if(_eventperformed1==NULL)   _eventperformed1 = 

    status = adb_EventPerformed_set_param0( _eventperformed1, env, 
    if(status != AXIS2_SUCCESS) return RETURN_FAILURE;

    _eventperformedresponse2 = 
axis2_stub_op_Service_EventPerformed(stub, env, _eventperformed1);
    if (_eventperformedresponse2 == NULL){
        printf("\t!!! the service is not reachable at expected URI 
(wrong URI, service not is running or network connection failed)...\n");
    } else {
        printf(" - the Service_EventPerformed returns something...\n");
        //free memory at the end of processing
        adb_EventPerformedResponse_free(_eventperformedresponse2, env);
        _eventperformedresponse2 = NULL;
        // it frees also the serversResponseDTO, but does not NULL the 
    return RETURN_SUCCESS;;
SECOND - the generated function i call
    - i did not find yet how long are some pointers hold somewhere 
outside, however all the pointers in beginning are not freed locally
    * auto generated method signature
    * for "EventPerformed|" operation.
    * @param _EventPerformed
    * @return
    axis2_stub_op_Service_EventPerformed( axis2_stub_t *stub, const 
axutil_env_t *env,
                    adb_EventPerformed_t* _EventPerformed)
    axis2_svc_client_t *svc_client = NULL;
    axis2_options_t *options = NULL;
    axiom_node_t *ret_node = NULL;

    const axis2_char_t *soap_action = NULL;
    axutil_qname_t *op_qname =  NULL;
    axiom_node_t *payload = NULL;
    axis2_bool_t is_soap_act_set = AXIS2_TRUE;
    axutil_string_t *soap_act = NULL;
    adb_EventPerformedResponse_t* ret_val = NULL;
        payload = adb_EventPerformed_serialize(_EventPerformed, env, 

    options = axis2_stub_get_options( stub, env);
    if ( NULL == options )
        AXIS2_LOG_ERROR(env->log, AXIS2_LOG_SI, "options is null in stub");
        return NULL;

    svc_client = axis2_stub_get_svc_client(stub, env );
    soap_action = axis2_options_get_action( options, env );
    if (NULL == soap_action)
        is_soap_act_set = AXIS2_FALSE;
        soap_action = "urn:EventPerformed";
        soap_act = axutil_string_create(env, "urn:EventPerformed");
        axis2_options_set_soap_action(options, env, soap_act);   
        axis2_options_set_action( options, env, soap_action );
    axis2_options_set_soap_version(options, env, AXIOM_SOAP11 );
    op_qname = axutil_qname_create(env,
                    "EventPerformed" ,
    ret_node =  axis2_svc_client_send_receive_with_op_qname( svc_client, 
env, op_qname, payload);

    if (!is_soap_act_set)
      axis2_options_set_soap_action(options, env, NULL);   
      axis2_options_set_action( options, env, NULL);

        if ( NULL == ret_node )
            return NULL;
        ret_val = adb_EventPerformedResponse_create(env);

        if(adb_EventPerformedResponse_deserialize(ret_val, env, 
&ret_node, NULL, AXIS2_FALSE ) == AXIS2_FAILURE)
            if(ret_val != NULL)
              adb_EventPerformedResponse_free(ret_val, env);

            AXIS2_LOG_ERROR( env->log, AXIS2_LOG_SI, "NULL returnted 
from the EventPerformedResponse_deserialize: "
                                "This should be due to an invalid XML");
                        return NULL;
        return ret_val;      

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