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From "Stadelmann Josef" <>
Subject AW: Long names and sharable images ... dll's
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 08:12:19 GMT
Hi Dinesh

	The name lengt problem is with HP/DEC-C Compiler for OpenVMS only.

	However, when I use /name=(short,as_is) then ...

	names longer then 31 character will be cut after 23 characters and the 
	rest will be replaced by a unique CRC something entity. normal full lenght
	name and cryptic name are then kept in a demangler database und by the linker
	to get to the correct symbols.

	So compiling / linking is not a problem in this case.

	The problem starts if I use sharable images which are in OpenVMS the equivalent 
	for DLL's or sharable libraries under Unix. 

	In this case I can not use names by dlsym() which are longer then 31 characters.
	Just because they do not exist in this form in the object files.

	Such names must be shortened manually to be meaningfull to 31 or less characters, 
	prior to be used by dlsym();

	For my axis2/c port to OpenVMS, axis2_get_instance() and axis2_remove_instance() 
	both names are less then 31 characters. Hence are available in non-cryptic normal form 
	within the object and can therefor be used by dlsym().

	So my axis2/c server works now with all the services and teste. This beeing true except 
	for the xyz_DUAL_xyz clients. Those make the server crash.


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Von: Dinesh Premalal []Im Auftrag von Dinesh
Gesendet: Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007 06:30
Cc: Meg Watson (E-Mail); Powell Hazzard (E-Mail); Phil Hunt (E-Mail)
Betreff: Re: Long names and sharable images ... dll's

Hi Josef,

   Were you able to get through this problem. I see that you have a
   problem with name length.

SJ>"object file name of any loadable component including function/procedure names
SJ> should never be more then 31 characters."

   I think this is a OpenVMS problem, AFAIK, in standard C
   implementation there is no such a restriction regarding function
   names. Did I miss something here?


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