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From <>
Subject Borland application as Axis Web Services client
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 11:03:24 GMT

We are trying to make our old c++ application, developed in Borland C++
5.02, use some services from a Java Web Service server. The server is
using (Java)Axis 1.2.1, so we were told the best was to use Axis at the
client side as well. We have downloaded Axis 1.6. and installed it. We
then used the wsdl2ws tool to create stubs from the wsdl supplied from
the server. We then want to use the service by taking all the stub files
into Borland and compile them with our application.

That's where we ran into trouble as we got he following error message
from the compiler: 
- Cannot convert 'char *' to 'char * *'

The code it was complaining about was in one of the stub cpp-files(arrow
Data_TestWebServiceSubData* param, 	IWrapperSoapDeSerializer*
->	xsd__string* p_testString =
	param->testString = *p_testString;
	delete p_testString;
	TestWebServiceData_TestWebServiceSubData_Array * array0 = new

What can be the cause of this error, and how do we fix it?
Could the different Axis versions be the cause of the problem? Or the
fact that it is a Java server and a C++ client?
Is the old Borland version the problem?

We have tried to get rid of the problem by changing to:
->	xsd__string p_testString =
->	param->testString = p_testString;

which resolves the pointer error, but we then got the following error

Error:  memory.h(185,1):Cannot convert 'const
>> *' to 'void *'
Error:  memory.h(185,1):Type mismatch in parameter 1 in call to
'operator delete(void *)'

As newcomers we would be very glad if anyone could help.

Axel Theisen

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