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From Dinesh Premalal <>
Subject Re: Question about axiom_element_set_text
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2007 04:37:07 GMT
Hi Edward, writes:

> Hi, I have a general issue about the axiom_element_set_text function.  I
> see that it requires an axiom_element_t* object as one of its arguments.
> After looking in the source code, I noticed that this object is never
> used at all in axiom_element_set_text.  It seems inconvenient to declare
> an axiom_element_t* object in my program, pass it in into
> axiom_element_set_text and then free it up, when I can just avoid
> creating and freeing if the axiom_element_t* object is not being used in
> axiom_element_set_text.  Is there a valid reason why an axiom_element_t*
> object is required for axiom_element_set_text when it is never used in
> that function?  

I think , it is used there, just for consistency in function
declaration. yes, I can also see there are some other functions that
pass axiom_element_t 's without using inside the function. I think we
should get rid of them. Could you please raise a jira?

>Could it be possible to remove the axiom_element_t*
> object from the arguments of axiom_element_set_text, so I don't have to
> worry about creating and freeing axiom_element_t* objects?
Didn't you try to pass the NULL as an argument for axiom_element_t ,
since it is not used in function, passing NULL value shouldn't be a
problem I guess.


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