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From Dinesh Premalal <>
Subject Re: AW: echo.exe client has "infer transport" error
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2007 04:25:40 GMT
Hi Josef,
   Please find my comments inline.

"Stadelmann Josef" <> writes:

> Now my simple http server is up and running on OpenVMS, in fact it is waiting within
it's first accept() for the client to initiate a conversation.
> Now, the echo_blocking client fails with the following
> echo_blocking.log

Can you see the deployed services through the browser ?

> [Tue Nov 20 15:36:31 2007] [debug] DSA5:[webservices.axis2.trunk.c.src.core.clientapi]op_client.c;3(813)
> [Tue Nov 20 15:36:31 2007] [error] DSA5:[webservices.axis2.trunk.c.src.core.clientapi]op_client.c;3(863)
[axis2c] Cannot infer transport
> [Tue Nov 20 15:36:31 2007] [debug]
> DSA5:[webservices.axis2.trunk.c.src.core.clientapi]op_client.c;3(868)
> End:axis2_op_client_infer_transport

This error usually happens when op_client unable to locate the
transport in/out descriptors (as you mentioned in the later in this
mail). According to my knowledge That happens due to several reasons.

1. axis2.xml has wrong transport sender/receiver information

2. Axis2/C engine unable to locate or

3.When there is unloadable (corrupted) library.

BTW, what axis2/c version are you using? as per log messages it should
be prior to the Axis2/C 1.1.0.

> *********************
> Tell me ! if the client code finds all the services and the addr
> module and the logging module why should axis2c_home be the problem
> with this client run?

> *********************
AFAIK, AXIS2C_HOME is not important , but repo_path is
essential. (AXIS2C_HOME use to make the repo_path). Repo path is use
to find axis2.xml. Details in axis2.xml use to build axis2



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