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From David Klassen <>
Subject Re: Memory Issues in Sample Server Code
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:25:34 GMT
Actually I was using both apache and the axis2_http_server, of which the axis2_http_server
had less memory absorption. Incidentally I also found a difference in the amount of memory
loss due to version of the axis2c client program used. All tests were performed using a v1.1.0
based server on Windows. The client programs were invoked on Linux using both v1.0.0 and v1.1.0
of axis2c:

Server                        |  v1.1.0 client   |   v1.0.0 client
httpd.exe                    |   24K loss      |   16K loss
axis2_http_server.exe |     8K loss      |     4K loss

I then decide to try using a Windows client against a Linux server. The windows client only
used version 1.1.0.  I only used the Linux axis2_http_server for the server but alternated
between v1.1.0 and v1.0.0. Here are the results:

Server                             |   v1.1.0 Window Client


axis2_http_server v1.1.0  |         4K loss

axis2_http_server v1.0.0  |         no loss 

I have already seen both version of the Windows server leak, however in these tests it shows
that  v1.0.0 of the Linux server did not leak but v1.1.0 does leak. Unfortunately I need
to use the Windows server version for my implementation, so this does not help in my case.
Do you know does axis C++ v1.6 have memory issues like this on Windows server side? I really
need a version that performs well on Windows.

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From: Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 8:23 pm
Subject: Re: Memory Issues in Sample Server Code
To: Apache AXIS C User List <>

> There is are memory issues with simple axis server. We got to 
> fix that. 
> In the mean time, could you please try the same tests with httpd 
> module?I hope that would yield better results.
> Samisa...
> David Klassen wrote:
> > I have been stress testing axis2c for performance (using the 
> echo 
> > sample service), to determine if this platform is a good 
> solution for 
> > my purposes. So far I have been attempting to debug each 
> echo.exe 
> > invocation. Each time I execute the remote client invocation, 
> the 
> > server process increments its used memory by 4 KB. When the 
> service 
> > thread completes this memory is not deallocated. During the 
> debug 
> > session I notice that:
> >
> >   echo_invoke
> >
> > is the only DLL function called. The other echo_skeleton.c 
> memory 
> > management functions are not called:
> >
> >   echo_free
> >   axis2_remove_instance
> >
> > Can anyone suggest how I might configure axis2c to free memory 
> for 
> > each echo service invocation (ie. per request)?
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