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From Dinesh Premalal <>
Subject Re: Axis2/C Memory Leak Issues
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 03:26:51 GMT
Hi Ed, writes:

> Hi Dinesh,
> I would be willing to help out in fixing the memory leak issues with
> Axis2/C.  

That would be great !
>I have used a couple tools to notice that the memory leaks
> occur, but what would you recommend I should use to find out the exact
> location of these memory leaks? 

So far we have used valgrind and Rational Purify , but if you have
better tools in hand that's fine.
> How would I use valgrind to check for
> the memory leaks?  Should I run valgrind on the httpd executable or
> somewhere else?  

That depend on where you going to deploy axis2c services, If you using
axis2c apache module and you are going to fix server side memory leaks, 

Yes, You need to run valgrind on the httpd executable.
>What include folders should I use with valgrind?  Any
> help on how the Axis2/C developers have previously resolved or checked
> for the memory leak issues would help me.
I have used valgrind for a while, but I can't recall that It asked for
include files. Normally I ran as

valgrind <options> <executable name>

Just in case if you need include files you could refer to

$AXIS2C_HOME is where your installation directory is (I repeat,
installation directory :))

If you have anything to be clarified please feel free to ask.


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