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From seera <>
Subject axis2_svc_client_send_receive_with_op_qname : not working
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 08:31:04 GMT

I made some stubs by using WSDL2C.

Then I can see the several files for stub like axis2_stub_XXX.c
And I use the dll files for lib ( axis2c-bin-1.0.0-win32 )

I made the sample progrm for my stub.
Some of them did work well. I check that my program make the data to server
and get the result.

The others didn't.
The others just didn't make the data to the server.
I follow my program and found that
axis2_svc_client_send_receive_with_op_qname is my problem.
My problem didn't work in axis2_svc_client_send_receive_with_op_qname.

I call axis2_stub_AuthService_getUpdateOptions()
WMErr GetUpdateOptions(char* developerKey, char* userKey, char* deviceType)
    WMErr err = WMErrNone;
    adb_getUpdateOptions_t* node = NULL;
    adb_getUpdateOptionsResponse_t* ret = NULL;

    node = adb_getUpdateOptions_create(env);
    adb_getUpdateOptions_set_developerKey(node, env, developerKey);
    adb_getUpdateOptions_set_userKey(node, env, userKey); 
    adb_getUpdateOptions_set_deviceType(node, env, deviceType); 

    axis2_options_set_soap_action(axis2_stub_get_options( stub, env), env,
    ret = axis2_stub_AuthService_getUpdateOptions(stub, env, node);    
    if (ret)

    return WMErrNone; 

In axis2_stub_AuthService_getUpdateOptions(), I call the
I chack the rightness of axis2_svc_client_send_receive_with_op_qname with
axis2_svc_client_get_last_response_has_fault() = false.

ret_node =  axis2_svc_client_send_receive_with_op_qname( svc_client, env,
op_qname, payload);
flag = axis2_svc_client_get_last_response_has_fault(svc_client, env);

But, in my problem there're no output data packet to my server.

Someone have the problem like this?
I'm so confused.

Plz help me.

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