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From "Sathya Raghunathan" <>
Subject Getting guththila exception
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 07:09:27 GMT
Hi Dimuthu,

Thanks for helping me solve the segmentation fault. I followed the
calculator example. But now i am getting another error called

 "Throws guththila_exception guththila_xml_pull_parser.c 250."

Also it looks like its going in an infinite loop. When I went to
guththila_xml_pull_parser.c line 250, i checked the if condition
   else  if (((parser->_next) > (parser->last))
                          && guththila_read(environment, parser))
        if (eof)
            return -1;
            guththila_exception(p_FILE, LINE, GUTHTHILA_ERROR_UNEXPECTED_EOF);


Is there anything wrong with the input message again? I am not able to
proceed beyond this. I am attaching the client code. I tried an input
message with a "\n", and without a "\n" at the end. Both gives a problem.

Please help me.


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