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From "Subra A Narayanan" <>
Subject Unable to locate/load library
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 01:14:44 GMT
Hello folks,

My webservice calls a c library but is unable to load it as it can't locate
it. I put some debugging code in the framework code and this is what I see
in the axis2 log.

[Mon Sep 17 16:53:41 2007] [error] raw_xml_in_out_msg_recv.c(110) Impl
object for service 'object' not set in message receiver. 100 :: Failed in
creating DLL
[Mon Sep 17 16:53:41 2007] [debug] raw_xml_in_out_msg_recv.c(115)
create_funct failed ' cannot open shared object file: No such
file or directory' :
[Mon Sep 17 16:53:41 2007] [debug] engine.c(296) Axis2 engine receive

I have set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the file is in the path. Is there
something else that I am missing?

Is there an apache start up script file or something where I can specify
where to look for library files? My web service builds perfectly fine with
the correct LD_FLAGS options. The error happens when I try to invoke the


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